Rippers_logo_black_150I get emotional just thinking about cycling safety on the roads. The Rippers are a very safe riding group – and have an excellent record. However, I think we can be safer.

I am not thinking about our peloton etiquette and knowledge in the pack. I am thinking only about how to make ourselves safer on the road for drivers.

We do share the road with them. But they will always win.

Think about how you and your set up can maximize visibility on the road. Drivers are often distracted, may be suffering with aging eyes or effected by lighting conditions.

Consider, always:

  • Bright colored outfits. (If buying shoes or helmets – consider white and light colors before dark colors.)
  • Blinking front (white) and rear lights (red) are extremely helpful. Day and night.
  • Reflective ankle wraps. (The motion of our ankles and the illumination from the side – is so helpful). Be seen from ALL Sides.
  • Motion your arm – sit up – your voice – do whatever it takes to ensure a driver knows you are there when drivers come into intersections, may turn into your path etc.

Also while riding:

  • Avoid riding alone when possible. Take the time to find a buddy for any ride – there truly is safety in numbers – and you can use our Ripper email list anytime to find a rider/say you are going out. (We let a solo B45 go alone on Tuesday as we waited for the B52s – and I have been kicking myself about that – I/we should have sent someone with him).
  • Be predictable to the traffic.
  • Avoid talking when involved with traffic and or in intersections – let everyone focus.
  • Remember midday riding may have more road challenges than night riding due to shadows and bright sun.
  • Obey traffic laws. Slow down when needed. Stand out.

We want to keep our riding record safe. A safer/visible rider makes you not only safer on the way to our ride meet ups but our whole group safer on the roads.

Safety ensures the fun.

Jd, ripper


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