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2014 D2R2: Climb! Climb! Climb!

Last year I planned my whole season for the D2R2, doing seven 80 to 120 mile rides out and around Harvard. I road the 180k with Bruce P. I’ll never forget the I am dissappoint look he gave me when I bailed out around mile 55 or so. My knees had blown up on me as they had done on all my previous rides to some degree.

This year I was back and more prepared. Physical therapy had strengthened my knees and given me knowledge to take better care of balancing out the quad-blasting cycling with strength building exercises for my hamstrings. No more knee problems.

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2014 Raid Lamoille Ride Report

Raid Lamoille

60ish mile groomed gravel road ride starting in Stowe.  Cool bikes, swimming holes, read on!

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Pioneer 111 + 20 Ride Report

The Pioneer 111 route done solo, was an RSC ride I missed. This was revisiting the course alone, and I had a blast! Read more about this quest for water…
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