Welcome from The Rippers!

Rippers_logo_black_150The Rippers are a Winchester, MA, based cycling club.  Check out our Weekday Rides page for details on our monday through friday morning rides. Also, our Weekend Routes occur regularly on the weekends. We have a the Rippers Google Group to for discussion and to plan rides.
As you may know – we are attracted to anything in spandex and spokes. We are more of a roadie bike group – but we like and love all forms.
The Rippers do not have a discount at any of our local cycling shops as we do not want to be beholden to one shop – most of the shops have discount programs you can take advantage of on your own. NEBC membership for CycleLoft as an example. We believe it is better to spend a little more at our local shops than spend online.
If you are considering a new bike we recommend a fit first (Joel Adams @ CycleLoft/Burlington, Dean Phillips @ Fitwerx/Peabody, Ed Sassler @ Wheelworks/Belmont, Patria Lanfranchi @ Ride Studio Cafe/Lexington) all will give you the cost of a fit to put against a new baby. Look forward to christening you soon. Welcome and feel free to ask questions or whatever.
JD Hale, Ripper


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