Weekday Ripper rides start from two locations, Starbucks on mondays and fridays, and Venson-Owen Elementary on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays. In general, you won’t need a GPS or these maps to do the ride. People on the ride know the routes very well, just follow along!
Weekend rides are sorted out on the Rippers Google Group, and usually start at 6 or 7 from Starbucks in Winchester.  See the Rippers’ Routes page.
All regular weekday rides are back by 7am.
M/F – Muffin Ride – recovery pace, chatty!
Tu/Th – Faster pace.
Wed – Hills ride with no drops.

Starting Locations

M/F Muffin starts from Starbucks in Winchester, MA.
Tu Wed Thu rides start from Vinson-Owen Elementary School in Winchester, MA.

Muffin old – M/F – Sbux – 6a


Muffin new – M/F – Sbux – 6a


B45 – Tu/Th – VO – 5:45a


B52 – Tu/Th – VO – 5:52a


Hill Ride – W – VO – 5:52a


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